Trying Linux on Windows with Linux Live USB Creator

With more and more and the development of the Linux Operating System, especially the many free Linux distributions that we can use such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, PCLinuxOS and others, might make some who have never tried curious. For Windows users, there are alternatives to try without having to install on your computer, using a USB stick only.

Linux Live USB Creator supports various Linux distributions, more can be seen in Supports Linuxes. In addition to making the USB bootable Linux, with Lili, we also can make Linux run on windows directly without having to boot. Compared UNetbootin, its use is also much easier.

5 Easy Steps

To create a bootable Linux USB, this software provides 5 easy steps. When running the first time, direct-5 appeared to this step with easy to follow explanations. Following the initial view of this program:

Explanation The steps are as follows:
  1. Select your USB stick that will be filled with Linux, the USB should be with FAT or FAT32 format. If USB is FAT or FAT32, we do not need to format it.
  2. This step is to choose source Linux distribution, can be from a CD-ROM, an existing ISO file on your hard drive or if we have a fast internet connection, select Download (direct download from the internet)
  3. PERSISTENCE, USB is a space the size settings that will be used to store data, which we change the configuration or if you later want to install additional software on the Linux USB. If this is not in the content (0 MB), then Linux on a USB still can run, but change the data on linux will not be saved. And we can not store data in linux and install any additional software.
  4. Step 4 There are 3 options: the first whether the files that are created will be hidden (hidden), both if the USB will be in the format (all data will be lost) and the third to make a portable version on windows (need internet connection)
  5. Last time step is CREATE, click the yellow lightning icon to begin the manufacturing process. Previously we could set additional options with the click OPTIONS

sends messages to friens in friend list for Yahoo Messenger Virus

This is one of the most powerful Trojan / virus I have ever seen .. If your computer is infected with this virus "It will send url to all your friends list in yahoo messenger using your ID So with in few hours many of your friends will get infected with it ..

I do not know the actual target of the idiot who created it. Perhaps to advertise his site or steal very imp data from your computer. I solve the problem manually from the 2 PC is infected. Just go through the steps below carefully.

What is the link?: or other (Do not open the url in your browser.)
If you are infected with it what will happen?
  1. It sets your default IE page for, you can not even change it back to other pages. If you open IE from your comp some malicious code will automatically generate a run to your computer.
  2. This will disable the Task manager / reg edit. So you can not kill the Trojan process anymore.
  3. Files that will be installed by this virus is svhost.exe, svhost32.exe, internat.exe.
  4. You can find these files in windows / temp / directory.
  5. This will send the information secured and protected for the attacker

How to manually remove from your computer?
1. Close the IE browser. Log out messenger / Remove Internet Cable.
2. To enable Regedit Click Start, Run and type this command exactly as given below: (better - Copy and paste)
REG add HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ \ CurrentVersion Policies \ System / v DisableRegistryTools / t REG_DWORD / d 0 / f
3. To enable task manager: (To kill the process we need to enable task manager)
Click Start, Run and type this command exactly as given below: (better - Copy and paste)
REG add HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ \ CurrentVersion Policies \ System / v DisableTaskMgr / t REG_DWORD / d 0 / f
4. Now we need to change the default page of IE though regedit.
Start> Run Regedit>
From below locations in Regedit change your default home page to or other.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main

HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main

HKEY_USERS \ Default \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main

Just replace the attacker site with or set to blank pages.

5. Now we need to kill the process from back end. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del
Killing svhost32.exe process. (Probably more than one process running .. check it right)
6. svhost32.exe Delete, svhost.exe files from the Windows / temp / directory. Or just looking for svhost in your comp .. delete the files.
7. Go to regedit search for svhost and delete all the results you get.
Start Menu> Run> regedit>
8. Restart the computer. That's it now you are virus free.

I do not know if there is a patch that works for the elimination of this trojan / virus. But we can easily remove them manually.

How to restore the Task Manager, Regedit, Show Hidden Files is On Disable

Menu Task Manager could not be opened, appears a statement that the "Task Manager has bed disabled by your administrator

Then try opening regedit via the run to enable the registry editor REGEDIT fact can not be opened and a popup appears saying "Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator" as a popup below:

Furthermore, when we want to see hidden files (hidden files) from the folder menu options were disabled as well, dizzy head would most likely a virus, worm, or Trojan that came in through the flash had been, it could be a virus that has been used since. Immediately, I scan using an existing course antivirus with latest updates. God bless the virus is gone, now living back several settings that are usually altered by the virus.

There are several ways that we can do to restore its original settings, the first way is to remove DisableRegistryTools manually from a command prompt. way is as follows:

1.  open command prompt, start > run > Type “cmd” (without quotes) > enter.
2.  Typing di command prompt following :

reg delete HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools

3. Then will come the questions:

Delete the registry value DisableRegistryTools (Yes/No)?

4. Answer by typing : Yes

5. After that open the Registry Editor through Run menu by typing: regedit and click OK

God bless the Registry Editor is open means has opened the way to change the next setting. Next live enable task manager of the registry editor.

here are the step by step1. Open Regedit
2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
3. Make sure the value for the DisableTaskMgr REG_DWORD 0 (zero).
4. Close Regedit.

To Show Hidden Files, its setting is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL . Checked REG_DWORD Value for Value is 1, this value is usually changed to 2 or 0 by the virus.

Apart from the Registry Editor or regedit, we can also alter our windows PC from the Group Policy Editor. The way the entry is to type gpedit.msc in the run command menu. In the Group Policy Editor, there are 2 parts of the menu, the User Configuration and Computer Configuration.

To disable / enable the Task Manager on the menu User Configuration> Administrative Templates> System> Ctrl + Alt + Del Options. Select the setting "Remove Task Manager” and change it to "disabled" or "not configured".

Meanwhile, to disable / enable regedit is on the menu User Configuration> Administrative Templates> System. Select the setting "Prevent access to registry editing tools". Select the disabled so that we can access regedit.

If it can not also use this way:

 * Open notepad.
* Type code following in notepad.
HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System,DisableTaskMgr
* Save the file with the name "aktifkan.inf" (type including save the mark).
* Open the Windows explore and run the file that you have saved by right clicking »Install.

If you still can not be opened better just reinstall the computer must be wrong deh all issues
may be useful.

Tips for searching using Google

The Google search engine syntax offers a number of options for getting better results. You can search for a specific phrase, search only on a particular site, or exclude pages with certain words. You can use the advanced search page to make use of these or you can use these simple rules of syntax in the normal search field or on Google Toolbar.

To search for a specific phrase
Simply put the words in quotation marks. For example, "Lady Gaga"

To search on a particular site
Type in the keywords that you wish to sort with 'site:' followed by the address of the web pages that you wish to search. For example, if you wished to search this blog for the word Firefox you would enter firefox

You can also search particular classes of site. If you enter football, Google will return only pages on sites that end that contain the word football.

To omit pages containing certain words
If you preface a word with - then Google will not list pages that contain that word. For example, if you enter the terms linux -ubuntu, you will get a list of pages that contain the word 'linux' but not the word 'ubuntu'

You can use all of these options in a single search. If you wanted to search the BBC news site for all pages that contain the phrase 'Barrack Obama' but not 'Clinton' then you would enter "barack obama" -clinton

DEFINISI : Hub, Switch, Router dan Bridge

Hub Alat penghubung atar komputer, semua jenis komunikasi hanya dilewatkan oleh hub. hub digunakan untuk sebuah bentuk jaringan yang sederhana (misal hanya untuk menyambungkan beberapa komputer di satu group IP lokal) ketika ada satu paket yang masuk ke satu port di hub, maka akan tersalin ke port lainnya di hub yg sama dan semua komputer yg tersambung di hub yang sama dapat membaca paket tersebut. Saat ini hub sudah banyak ditinggalkan dan diganti dengan switch. Alasan penggantian ini biasanya adalah karena hub mempunyai kecepatan transfer data yang lebih lambat daripada switch. Hub dan switch mempunyai kecepatan transfer data sampai dengan 100 Mbps bahkan switch sudah dikembangkan sampai kecepatan 1 Gbps.
Switch Sebuah alat yang menyaring/filter dan melewatkan(mengijinkan lewat) paket yang ada di sebuah LAN. switcher bekerja pada layer data link (layer 2) dan terkadang di Network Layer (layer 3) berdasarkan referensi OSI Layer Model. sehingga dapat bekerja untuk paket protokol apapun. LAN yang menggunakan Switch untuk berkomunikasi di jaringan maka disebut dengan Switched LAN atau dalam fisik ethernet jaringan disebut dengan Switched Ethernet LANs.
Router Alat yang bertugas untuk mengantarkan paket data dalam jaringan. router dapat digunakan jika tersambung paling tidak dengan dua jaringan yang berbeda sehingga pengaturan tersebut membutuhkan sebuah router.Router berada di sisi gateway sebuah tempat dimana dua jaringan LAN atau lebih untuk disambungkan. Router menggunakan HEADERS dan daftar tabel pengantar (Forwarding Table) untuk menentukan posisi yang terbaik untuk mengantarkan sebuah paket jaringan dan juga menggunakan protokol seperti ICMP,HTTP untuk berkomunikasi dengan LAN lainnya dengan konfigurasi terbaik untuk jalur antar dua host manapun.
4.Pengertian Bridge
Pengertian dari sebuah bridge adalah bekerja pada data link layer pada OSI. bridge adalah alat yang digunakan pada suatu jaringan yang berfungsi untuk memisahkan sebuah jaringan yang luas menjadi segment yang lebih kecil. bridge membaca alamat MAC (media access control0 dari setiap paket data yang diterima yang kemudian akan mempelajari dridging table untuk memutuskan apa yang akan dikerjakan bridge selanjutnya pada paket data tersebut, apakah diteruskan atau di abaikan. jika switch menpunyai domein collision sendiri-sendiri disetiap portnya, begitu juga dengan bridge memiliki domain collision ttetepi ia juga dapat membaginya dari sebuah domain collision yang besar menjadi yang lebih kecil, dah bridge hanya akan melewatkan paket data antar segment - segment jika hanya segment itu sangat diperlukan
Terdapat tiga jenis bridge jaringan yang umum dijumpai:
Bridge Lokal : sebuah bridge yang dapat menghubungkan segmen-segmen jaringan lokal.
Bridge Remote : dapat digunakan untuk membuat sebuah sambungan (link) antara LAN untuk membuat sebuah Wide Area Network.
Bridge Nirkabel : sebuah bridge yang dapat menggabungkan jaringan LAN berkabel dan jaringan LAN nirkabel.

Larry Page as Google CEO

Today is a very historic day for the biggest companies in the search engines in the world, Google, since Google officially announced that it will soon replace Larry Page Eric Schmidt as chief executive officer (CEO). Schmidt then will take the role as executive chairman and focus on transactions, partnerships, customers, and the broader business relationships. He also will continue to act as adviser to Page and other Google founder, Sergey Brin.

According to Schmidt, Google's official blog, Page is now leading the product development and technology strategy began on April 4, 2011 will take over day-to-day operation of Google as the CEO of Google. Schmidt believes, along with Brin, Page will make Google better in the coming years.

Page himself said that Schmidt has done a fantastic job for Google. Google's results achieved so far is the result of hard work and it is clear evidence of his role in bringing Google. Still according to Page, no other CEO in the world are so deeply involved in product development while doing business with a very bright, as does Schmidt.

"Eric is a great leader and I have learned from him. His advice will be very valuable to me because I started in a new role. Google still has a tremendous opportunity. We're just at the beginning and I can not wait to get started," he said.

Keep in mind that Google also recently announced their financial statements, which are generally quite good. In the fourth quarter of 2010 Google earned 8.44 billion U.S. dollars, up 26 percent from the fourth quarter of 2009. Google-owned sites revenue amounted to 5.67 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 67 percent of all Google's revenue.

This amount represents an increase of 28 percent from the fourth quarter of 2009. Revenue from collaboration sites or Google Adsense Network Beban through a very popular program that amounted to 2.50 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 30 percent of all Google's revenue. This number is up 22 percent than the fourth quarter of 2009.

What does this change?

Shift the position of CEO is probably in response to increasingly fast run up in the Internet world. Although the power of Google's search engine is not disturbed, site most visitors in the year 2010 is up.

Search terms up also ranked first in the search terms most used in 2010. Even as of January 15, 2011 Facebok retains its power as a site with a visitor's most lots in the U.S., which is a contributor to Google's 50 percent more revenue in the fourth quarter of 2010.

This may be a separate concerns for Google because up within two years developed very good. Additionally, I predict, Page with the spirit of his youth might be able to match up owners are also still very young, Mark Zuckerberg, and saw the Internet as well as products to be produced from glasses to young people. This is important because most Internet users today, especially Facebook, are young people. Maybe Larry will soon release a social media site owned by Google itself or purchase of social media sites that already exist to match up.

Wait what we deserve Page steps to stem the progress of up and compete in the field of social media. However, that's certainly not to be done Page later. We know, in the smart phone operating systems (smartphones) and tablets, Google has been getting ready to launch Ice Cream and Honey Comb. This will increasingly assert Android smart phone operating system as the largest in the U.S. and the world in 2013.

Visual C++ 2010 just posted my five star review of Beginning Visual C++ 2010 by Ivor Horton. Wrox provided a free review copy. From the review:

I read Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2010 (BVCP2) to gain some familiarity with the C++ programming language. Prior to this book I read Mr Horton's Beginning C book. Between the two books, I hoped to learn enough about C and C++ to prepare me to read a third book titled Windows via C/C++, 5th Ed by Richter and Nasarre. As a security professional, being able to grasp the essence of C and C++ as they are used in Windows helps
me understand security advisories and related discussion of vulnerabilities in exploits. BVCP2 is a great book for a person like me, but it also appears to be the right book for someone who wants to become a legitimate C++ for Windows programmer. I highly recommend it to both sorts of readers.

NFC Technology

Welcome NFC TechnologyIf we look at the history of payment transactions, beginning first before any electronic conveniences one should take the money first to the bank by lining up at the counter so they should take the money to use for a certain period of time considering a sizable effort to take some money. With the automated teller machines (ATMs), everywhere attempt to take the money be light enough so a person taking money for short periods. In addition, holders of ATM reduces the risk of money from the crime of theft / robbery / etc because the money taken is usually less when compared with taking money at the bank counter.

With the development of information and communication technology (ICT), new electronic payment instruments that became popular in Indonesia, such as credit cards and debit cards. Both types of payment using smart card payment terminals are rubbed into the stores when paying. Smart card to replace the physical money that is usually stored on a smart card wallet so that users can avoid the crime and also get the convenience of users, ie do not need to take the money into a bank or ATM and store in a wallet.

Of course, smart card payment system must have a security system that ensures money is not taken by the user who is not entitled to and also there was no immediate claim payments that never made the user. Without the guarantee of security systems in smart card payment system, users will not be interested to use it.

At present, in addition to obligatory wallet mobile phone bring in travel. It gives ideas for innovators to combine wallet and mobile phone. There have been innovative from a mobile service provider to make payments using SMS and mobile web. A consortium of producers in the world mobile phone giants finally work together to create new products to combine with a mobile wallet with a Near Field Communications (NFC).

Actually, the NFC is the development of card technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID has the same form and function like an ATM card is different from RFID cards do not need to be polished (contactless) thus RFID cards do not need to be removed from the wallet in the payment process, users simply hold the purse to the payment terminal or reader called. In Indonesia, RFID cards are widely used, for example: e-Toll for automatic payment of toll gates, bracelets (RFID tags, not the shape of the card) is used instead of tickets at amusement parks.

NFC technology on mobile phones a step further than where RFID technology in mobile embedded NFC chip that can act as an RFID card and also as a reader at once with a short range radius (less than 10 cm). NFC technology on mobile phones can truly replace the wallet in which to spend money and also received money from and to fellow users NFC. In addition to payment of NFC technology can be used as a replacement ID card, driver's license, student card, etc., time card, and others.

It is planned that by 2011 it would appear many leading mobile products equipped with NFC technology. The first mobile product with NFC technology is already marketed in Europe and America is the Samsung Nexus S, completed NFC controller chip products NXP (Philips), namely PN544. Philips is a leading manufacturer of RFID cards. Samsung Nexus S uses the Android operating system version supported by Google's Gingerbread. Google itself has prepared a variety of applications for NFC technology on mobile phones.

Many jokes about printing machine that works hard 24 hours a day to produce the amount of money very much for a very large fund expenditures. But on the other hand, the use of physical cash is on the decline worldwide, due to non-cash payments are growing in popularity. Although, according to economists in the money increases, the amount of paper money people are putting in the wallet tends to decline. This can be seen from the increasing number of credit and debit card transactions worldwide. Analysts predict that the top three regions in mobile payments is the Far East including China, Western Europe and the United States, which as a whole will account for more than 70 percent market share in mobile payment gross transaction basis by 2013.

School of Electrical Engineering & Informatics, Bandung Institute of Technology, is active-very jealous conduct research to develop Transaction System Using Mobile Phone and NFC Technology with a grant from the Incentive Program, Ministry of Research and Technology. NFC Research Group had been formed. The purpose of this research is to produce a transaction system with NFC technology on mobile phones for micro payment (payment with a small amount, for example: public transportation, shop, canteen, etc.) and macropayment (payments with a larger number, for example: supermarket, mini market, restaurant , various shops, etc.).

This transaction system to be very safe for users, sellers, and users of the financial industry so that money can not be reduced / increased improperly; seller get the money that should be, and the financial industry does not lose money and not have to pay should not. Let's welcome the presence of NFC technology for shared prosperity.

the Explorer menus in Windows Vista and 7

As promised some time ago, here is the first post about Windows 7 (and Vista).

Users of XP and earlier versions of Windows who now use Vista or 7 will have noticed that the Explorer menus are no longer shown.

Thankfully there is an easy way to remedy this either temporarily or permenantly. To see the menu bar simply press the Alt key.

If you wish to always have the menus visible, select 'Folder options...' from the 'Tools' menu.

On the 'Folder Options' window, go to the 'View' tab and tick 'Always show menus' and then click the 'OK' button.
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