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10 Transparent Animals

1.  Frog (Centrolenidae) from Venezuela

2.  Barreleye (Macropinna microstoma)

3.  Glasswing Butterfly (Greta Oto)

4.  Glass Squid (Teuthowenia pelusida)

5.  Transparent Zebrafish

6.  Icefish (Channichthyidae)

7.  Amphipod (Phronima)

8.  Transparent Larva Prawn

9.  Transparent Salp

10. Transparent jellyfish ( Genus : Arctapodema )

The first time i look into the picture above, i cant believe that. It's true, God have all of us, He has power, right? . I ever imagine how about there is a kind of human that transparent .... lol.

(Q & A ) Exercise first or Eat first ?

What do you think? should we have a sport/ outdoor activity first or eat first? Maybe most of us before we play sport, we eat first, so what's the impact if we sport or eat first?

The scientist said that we must do sport first, but it doesn't mean that we can't eat before we have a sport, because the food that we eat before we sport will become an energy

Q : Why after eating we cant go directly do a sport ?
A : It's because after someone consumed heavy food, automatically blood will flow to the stomach part. In the meantime in the stomach the absorption of nutrition from food that has been consumed was happening. The body was also throwing leftovers to the certain body part away and distributed oxygen all through the body. 

Q : So, How long is the time from we finish eating until we can do a sport?
A : Usually, we need about 30 minutes up to 2 hours until we can do a sport.But if we consumed heavier food then time to waited for sport will be longer. However if only consume the low fat snack/biscuit, we did not need a long time to play sport. 

Q : Hmm... so, what kind of food that we can consumed before we playing sport?
A : It depends. If playing sport in the morning we could consume, juice or the pure water that was enough. If playing sport in the middle of the morning we could have a  high carbohydrate breakfast then has been enough to give energy. But if sport before the lunch we just eat snack and for sport in the afternoon we could consume yogurt or the biscuit.

So, now you know right what we got to do first. This is just a general tutorials for those that have a problem in digestion system or health.

Watch YouTube Without Buffering !!

This is the new trick from me : )
I have collect all the possible way to speed up youtube until almost without buffering  : P
Ok, lets start... I have divided it into 4 way..

1. Using Speedbit Video Accelerator v.

Come on download it here :
Then after you download, you should check which website that support on this software.
You can check it here :

2. Using Greasemonkey Script (Firefox user)
  • If you don't have this addons, you can download it here :
  • Then, you must come to this site : and install the 'Youtube Enhancer' script there. (just click the install button there)
  • Then, if someday the 'Youtube Enhancer' script has an update, you must install this script too :
  • Open video on youtube for testing.. If you have install all stuff above correctly, then in the bottom of the video that you wanna watch there is a text View In very low quality (flv), click it. You can resize the video, then there is a 'skull' pic to stop the buffer and a light button to make the background dark. BUT REMEMBER !! YOU SHOULD TO CLICK View In very low quality (flv) TO SPEED UP THE BUFFERING PROCESS.
  • But, if you have a good connection, you can change it to high quality or medium quality : P
3. Using Google DNS      

Purpose : To accelerate the youtube ping to our computer. ( tested and works )
How to :
  • Open Control Panel
  • Then Network Connection
  • Then Local Area Network ( Double click LAN that is connected to us)
  • Click Properties
  • Double click TCP/IP
  • Click " Use the Following DNS address"
  • Enter the preferred :    ----    Enter Alternate :
  • CONGRATULATION!!!!! --> just compare it before and after you use the google DNS ^^
4. Using Youtube Feather Beta

This is the new way. I got this way from my friend and it works, this is unbelievable i think. The purpose using this is to accelerate the ping of youtube to our computer (same with google dns).

How to :
P.S : I have checked on this and not all the video we can watch with this way : (

Thats all for now guys, i hope it can help you :)
And if there is another way i get, i will update here...
: D
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