Computer Support For Pentium Based Computer

Pentium P5, the fifth generation of Intel chips was derived from the 80486 processor. This feature x86 superscalar architecture reduces the latency of address calculation, the processing unit faster floating, two pipelines full, 64-bit data bus, separate code and data caches. The latest Pentium with MMX technology was the mid-1990s, the integrated processor called a Pentium MMX. MMX, and large caches were implemented Pentium MMX. Pentium-rivals are AMD K5, Cyrix 6x86, Motorola 68060, PowerPC 601, Winchip C6, Rise MP6, NexGen Nx586, etc. Since the market share of this revolutionary processor more than 80%, network support for them is also widespread.

Characteristics of the Pentium P5

Compared to the 486-processors, the performance has improved significantly the Pentium. The execution speed of Pentium is almost twice the execution speed of 486 processors. It can be run more than 100 million instructions per second. With 75MHz clock, so the execution speed to over 125 million instructions per second. With the improvement as long as the PC need high quality support for Pentium P5 to solve problems.

Bus 64 data bits

The width of the Pentium data bus is 64 bits, double the 80 486 data bus. This feature doubles the bandwidth for reading and writing to memory. To store the code in the cache memory is also faster. Sometimes the data in tightly closed when two data paths are short, the computer will start to not work properly. To diagnose network problems such support could be very useful.

Superscalar architecture

Superscalar technology has been implemented in a Pentium processor for the first time in the history of microprocessor technology. This is the first superscalar processor. Superscalar technology uses two data paths or run pipes up to 2 instructions per clock cycle 1. The main line is designed for any kind of instructions, while the secondary pipeline may seek only simple instructions. To get the maximum benefit from double the pipeline, the optimized code to implement instructions to both pipelines are executed simultaneously. Technical support can be very useful in optimizing code.

Faster memory bus

Pentium processors in the system of control over the bus speed of 60MHz to 66MHz run, while 80 486 processors are used to drive the bus at 33MHz. So the performance is greatly enhanced in the Pentium. Pipelined burst cache is another feature that enables faster memory access.

Integrated Power Management

User management system is implemented in Pentium, regulate the operation of power management. This mode is optional in the 80486 processor.

Floating Point Unit

The floating point unit of the Pentium is much faster compared to the 80486th Some commands, such floating FMUL are 15 times faster. FXCH ST (x) a declaration could be parallel to one arithmetic or Load / Store instruction to execute FPU.

Code and data cache

Split Level 1 cache is used in Pentium. Memory is the data cache and 8KB cache code assigned to each. Separation of code and data cache reduces read and write conflicts. Since both are associative caches of the two channels, the access time and cost of implementation is reduced.


The two pipelines can be used simultaneously with the Pentium microcode to allow the automatic repetition of instructions that perform iteration in each clock cycle. 80486 processor in an iteration in the three cycles is performed.

Hardware-based multiplier

the execution time of instructions MUL and IMUL is significantly reduced.

Network support for Pentium

some errors were discovered after Pentium was introduced in the market. Some floating-point divisions gave incorrect results. Some malicious programs could lead the system to crash, without special privileges. Some versions of Pentium-based computers with a high heat. To solve all the problems, computer support could be very effective. Many vendors support network are made solutions to Pentium PC.

Christie Hemme is a content writer announced. Pccarencure provides 24x7 support network to millions of customers via remote IT support, by experienced technicians.

Different types of technical translation

The technical aspects of technical translation

Human translation technique is fast becoming an industry. Like other methods, those who exercise this profession for the right framework and skills to ensure accurate and precise work.

Technical translation requires adequate knowledge in the field and an understanding of the language that transformed the project. This is because no matter how competent translator with technical skills or the way he speaks a language that marriage is very important to provide both the translation and precise.

Compared to machine translation, human translators for their work style requirements of the needs of employment.

The main strength of most translations of the agency conducted based trained professionals, the quality of translation. Despite the many types of online software available for this sector or word for word translations, the idea that translators would give her work is unparalleled.

To reduce costs may translator translation memory, the act of reusing a paragraph or a specific part of a document that will never be repeated so often in the translated text. This gives a best lap of language projects.

Another advantage that technical translation, is that professionals, able to find a better way to express the message, whether by a similar word, or a rewriting of the passage.

Machine translations

The translation may vary, depending on customer needs. Some require pages and pages of translated material then there are those who just need a complete unilateral composition.

Technical translations can also be made online via the website of machine translation. This is equivalent to find the equivalent of a word in another language. These sites are often used when a quick release of short pieces that are needed.

Some people often refer to this method if they need to learn fast and free to the equivalent of a word or phrase in another language.

The downside to this method is that technical translation is another type of treatment compared to regular translations a. Scientific technical terms cannot be easily justified, especially if you approach it with a word for word method.

Technical software programs

The software translations are always met with skepticism, despite the progress of this technology. This is because some people cannot accept the possibility of a computer program provides accurate translations with quality insight and understanding.

A good way to bring the best software programs can be achieved, the dictionaries that are already connected to the system in check. Some software includes mention life science dictionaries, business, automotive, military science, mathematics, computer science, economics, engineering, electronics, physics, and legally, some of them. However, the software also allows you to customize dictionaries, so that you can do more for the quality of technical translation.

The advantage of translation software is allowed to prompt customers to their treatment needs. However, the greatest danger they occur, the presence of poor quality software on the market.

Although there are many ways to do technical translation, you must choose that fits the needs of your work instead. Skimp on quality or cost can be as harmful in the long term, especially when it comes to technical translations.

Charlene Lacandazo is a part of marketing for Rosetta Translation, a translation agency leading full-service in London, UK.

Rosetta Translation is specialized in technical translations and interpreters worldwide.

Programming Visual Basic Versus Visual C Sharp

Reasons for using Visual C #

There are some good reasons, Visual C #, VB before using it:

* If you already know Java or C + +, you will find C # to learn faster than learning VB
* There is less typing involved (VB commands are generally shorter)
* There are some more examples on the Internet to do with Visual Basic, as there are to do with C #

On the other hand, there are several reasons why you should use Visual Basic, listed below.

Reasons for using Visual Basic

This is not an exhaustive list (which you can link the blog to see below for a more detailed discussion), but it's a good start.

Mainly Visual Basic commands are easier to read. Consider these two commands:

First IF txtProduct.Text = "" = False Then txtProduct.Visible
Second if (txtProduct.Text = "") {} = false txtProduct.Visible

what seems more readable to you? I plump for the first time each. VB is more striking, but on condition that the IntelliSense in Visual Studio does make it more bearable, and the resulting code is much easier to read.

Another thing I dislike about C # is the requirement to place a semicolon at the end of each command. It's just not a natural thing to do.

Worst of all is the insistence in C #, a variable that is not the same as a variable. Everything is case sensitive, which makes it much more likely that you will make mistakes. There is really no good reason for this other than the legacy of existing programming.

In addition to all these things, there are many small defect: the commutator operator is not so easy to use than the equivalent VB Select Case, you can not just resize tables and optional arguments have been introduced with Visual C # 2010th


So my conclusion would be if a free hand (and it may well be good reasons why it is not), you use Visual Basic. If on the other hand, you have a team of C-or Java-legacy programmers who have to use a language with variables are case sensitive, then let them use Visual C #.

Finally, all built into the chassis the.NET on something called CLR or Common Language Runtime, so it is not too much, the language you use is important. Just do not blame me if you keep the spelling of variables in the different cases, or semicolons missing from the end of the order. And let the braces!

If you have these comments (perhaps you're die-hard C programmers) do not agree, comment and tell me what I missed!

You can learn more about why Visual Basic is better than C # to read. Alternatively, if you just want training in Visual Basic or C # have a look at the Wise Owl site.

Make Uploading Data to Your Website Easy With a PHP File Upload Utility

Aurigma File Upload PHP is a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to download an area on each site that is fast and easy to implement. It makes all the data download process to your website with easy user-friendly surface. It is ideal for tasks such as adding and managing photo albums on a website, document management and file sharing on the Web. It is ideal for such work, the solution to all download tasks efficiently and effectively. Aurigma is a combination of client-side JavaScript, ActiveX control / Java applet and a server-side PHP code, it is not possible to make additions to the site as user friendly as possible, implemented necessary. Flash control is also supported. Because Flash, ActiveX and Java are supported by all modern browsers, this solution is versatile and reliable. It is 100% compatible with PC and Macintosh.

Aurigma File Upload PHP is suitable for integration into any website. There are many places to upload a PHP utility extremely useful, it is not possible to make additions to the site is possible, necessary in a user-friendly. The API allows you to create the upload processing PHP code and easy configuration of the user interface is as easy, and you are given many opportunities. The configuration of the user interface, you can upload PHP appearance, language, and change the file type restrictions. Detailed documentation is provided with examples of PHP code to show what you do with the application and how best to deal with the most effective custom code. This will help you learn more about the benefits and functions.

Aurigma File Upload PHP is packed with useful features that Web developers need to create the most reliable and user-friendly. It supports the loading of any type of file, multiple files can be downloaded together. However, you can get so that it works only with certain file types, such as image files, for example. There is no practical limit to the size of files you can either download the files of several gigabytes are supported. Photos can be easily downloaded, work together with some additional features like automatic resizing. Additional data can be sent in addition to files. In addition to these functions, users can enjoy a multilingual user interface.

So if you want to build a website with a reliable utility PHP Upload or you plan to add such functionality to an existing site, Aurigma File Upload PHP is probably the ideal solution, you must be sought. There is simply no other way, so just add the download function for each type of site. Aurigma File Upload PHP comes in two forms. The professional standard license costs $ 499 per server or domain. The other option is the professional license maintenance, costs $ 623 per server or domain. This includes an additional 25% of the cost of annual maintenance subscription. A free trial version is also available from and give you the opportunity to experience the program before you buy.

John Clarke uses a PHP file upload tool on its Web site photo sharing to make it easy for visitors to download and manage photo albums.

How do you ensure that your applications are a big hit with the iPad your target users

The key is that your audience is your love for iPhone apps to give them what they want. If your iPhone applications with their needs and requirements, there is no doubt they will use and enjoy. The question is how to achieve this goal. How do you ensure that the application you just what the doctor of your group in place?

There is no doubt that it would be difficult, but certainly not impossible. There are certain things you do to ensure that the concept iPhone able to specific needs and requirements to meet your targets.

Learn more about their interests and preferences

you should take the time to learn more about what they know. Imagine that you are responsible for the development of a thought iPad app games. Gel is not just a concept. You need to know if the concept you are with us the potential to be a success with the people they are intended. You should be able to zero their interests and preferences. One of the easier ways to do is to establish a business account on social media sites and orientation of potential users of the application on your social media profile. This helps you get an idea of their interests and preferences, without seeming too pushy. Do you have an idea about the nature of games they play like, you can make adjustments to your application in the concept, if necessary, and begin to develop.

To determine if your property as they

When you have finished your design app, it's time for the type of functions to be determined. Just the features that can be used by your target audience optimally. And how do you know that it is able to use these functions to optimize? Now, talk to people in the know will by some iPhone / iPhone apps development forums. Learn to work with experienced developers who need to interact worked on projects similar to yours. They can pass through the nature of the functions covered are familiar with the work and especially those who do not work for a certain audience. In this way, these functions, you can freeze the know will work for your audience.

These are just two tips that will ensure that your business applications can work for your audience. The above tips will help you give them what they need. So they use and experience of such successful applications than you dreamed.

Tablet PC: Why the Kindle is not only a fire eReader

Do you think this is the new Kindle a light tablet? There seems to be a misunderstanding as to whether the device is a tablet or just another eReader. This question arose after the rumors began to Amazon introducing another tablet, and of course, when he made his debut. There are those who refer to the device, and is considered an iPod eReader as a serious rival to Apple. If this is true, then it should not be known as a tablet?

If you compare the features of the Kindle 2 fire with iPod, it is quite clear that they are not in the same league. While the new Kindle cannot be compared with iPod functions on the line, it has some properties that are either comparable or better than some of the tablets on the market, including the iPod.

What is interesting to note that the capacity of the size, hardware and software vary among the tablets, but the fact remains that most of the ability to be used as an eReader. This article explains why the Kindle should be taken seriously as a tablet color.

Size is not the same with these devices. One reason for the new Kindle with color can be a difficult time gaining acceptance in the tablets is its size. Most of the tablets are 10 inches or more in size. EReader is usually seven inches or less. It seems once the seven customs were eReader with faster processors and an upgrade of the operating system to change the name of the tablet has been redesigned inevitable.

Tablet portability is important. The ability to carry a tablet in a purse or book is essential. Although the tablet is more than ten inches tall, it can be transported into his own pocket or book bag, because it is too big to be carried in a bag or even in one hand.

Tablet and eReader have the ability even connectivity. Tablets and eReader can connect via 3G and / or Wi-Fi. Connectivity is important, depending on how you use your tablet. If you ever want to access via the Internet and 3G is a tablet for you. However, if you can connect your home network via Wi-Fi or otherwise, then 3G is not needed. Most is that 3G is a cost to the selected data provider involved to get there. Fire is a device Kindle Wi-Fi only. The Apple iPod offers a choice of 3G or Wi-Fi, or both.

What is a tablet of media consumption? EReaders are for reading electronic books, magazines and newspapers can and can hear the audio, while some tablets to take a step further. Tablets offer the same, including the ability to play videos, movies, TV shows and music. The Amazon is known as a media consumption tablets tablets because of its tight integration with Amazon. It is designed to make downloading and consumption of multimedia content easier for the user.

The tablets are now produced to enable multi-touch screen selection of applications and the use of a keyboard on the screen. In addition, some pills are not just for personal use, but also for the productivity of the company are developed. The tablet Kindle cannot be used for productivity; it is pure pork of digital media. Although not as versatile as other tablets, that is the capacity for video, film, television and still has a lot more worried about his place in the Tablet PC category.

What is memory? Neither the color nor the iPod Kindle has a slot for storage and does not have a port that can be used for an external storage device. Both use a micro-USB connector for charging the device. The iPod is available in three memory sizes, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. If you want additional storage space with the iPod, have to pay for it. The color Kindle on the other side has 8 GB of internal memory, but all content is supported on the Amazon cloud. The user can download and delete content on the cloud as a memory card or external drive. Because of the cloud, additional storage may be a moot point. Another point is Kindle the fire of a micro-USB port, and like most of the family Kindle, the device is available for file transfers and downloads with a micro-USB cable.

Kindle the fire has good elements, but because they do not have a camera, a microphone, the limits of participation of social chat, but the tablet it does not detract from a playful and versatile. Despite the fact that the fire kindles not with characteristics similar to most tablets, it has some major differences that separate them from other tablet computers.

Some of the notable features of the tablet are the colors of silk Amazon Kindle, allowing fast and efficient web browser that integrates with the device and the Amazon cloud. The other interesting thing is that users are able Whisper sync; video or television program is seen to pause, then go home looking at her. This can be done by HD-TV, Roku or TiVo. Also, Amazon offers a 30-day subscription to Amazon Prime that access to commercial offers free instant streaming of movies and TV shows.

After describing the characteristics of the fire Kindle, it's as if the camera is actually mounted on the fence because of its versatility and functionality. It is not to replace your portable reference, but not the best eReader, portable TV / film or gaming device all rolled favorite in a seven-inch tablet. For more information on tablet PCs, visit my blog

Web Design Pro: Starting Your Business

So you're looking for a professional web design and manage your business? Then you're right. After all, you are now on the web - what better place to start.

Starting a Business Pro Web design can be fun and rewarding. At the same time, it will definitely be too difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. The same applies at the start of each company. But more hard work and effort you put into the project, the more rewards you can reap later than your business flourishes.

There are three important characteristics that have a need to establish their web-design company.

Pro Web Design Skills

Of course, you need to know about web design. An essential foundation for the knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java and other programming languages will help you get your business off the ground by providing quality, well-designed Web sites for clients.

Design skills are required. You must understand both the creativity and skills of coding and implementing an easy to use, eye-catching site. No matter how long you boast about your experiences in programming, this is creative client websites that sell your services.

You can use your web design companies start with little knowledge of new technology platforms such as WordPress. WordPress allows you to create a website on topics already in possession of these navigation structures and designs that would otherwise require a thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS and other languages to create to create. Better yet, you can subscribe to a professional about programs, so you can customize themes for the sites of your customers on your design skills without much programming experience.

Passion for success

Passion is the foundation of any successful business. You must eat and breathe better web design practices. You should get a sick obsession with reading design blogs have. You must be strangely long to absorb the knowledge of programming more. It is this passion that will drive your business. Without passion, your business can succeed. But it will never be as successful as it will be like when it is driven by your greatest passions in life.

Business Acumen: Driving Traffic & Customers

In addition to knowledge and passion, you just have to make economic sense. But in the current Web 2.0, it is not enough, only one transaction is concluded. It takes hard work and an understanding of how organizations to succeed on the web.

This is where online marketing comes into play. Today, all web design entrepreneurs themselves are developers and online merchants. The online competition is fierce. Without an understanding of how a good traffic to your site, it is likely that your customers simply cannot find you, and they will opt for a competitor instead.

In other words, if consumers cannot find this is not no matter how good your skills are in design. Web Design Pro focuses not only on the skill and passion, but also on your zeal and devotion for Web traffic.

ECoursify will run the Web honest criticism of online courses and books on a variety of programming languages, Web applications and other programs. If you want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Web Design Best Practices, WordPress, and any number of new pro-web-design skills, eCoursify is your source.

Features of the Tablet PC

A Tablet PC (Tablet PC), a handheld device that has almost all the properties of widely used desktop computers. Most of the Tablet PC features a touch screen, which serve as their primary input device and a computer with the group and act designed to operate.

The term was used by Microsoft in early 2001, although the tablet PC term now widely used by companies of any size reference Slate Tablet PC notebook, even if it is not a laptop to Microsoft's operating, but other operating systems. To recognize most of these tablets with a keyboard and software for capturing handwritten text via the touch screen tablet.

Almost all portable tablet computers with the wireless adapter to the Internet and LAN connections. These tablets use software applications, including Web browsers, games, office suites, and various other applications.

Manufacturers of tablets, most of their tablets do with size 12 universal format ", with a screen resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. As computers tablets were introduced to replace newspapers, like the typewriter has been replaced a typewriter.

Handheld has to run for some time in silence for several hi-tech computer companies slowly compressed to the line and restart the tablet version of the touch tablet machine that is at the same time, without the keyboard. The tablets are taken by companies to the spirit of blogs, executives of technology, gadgets for dogs and bloggers are beginning to turn their dreams, produced by the project size Tablet PC.

Today, the Tablet PC is seen as a savior for newspapers, book publishers and the publishing industry. The tablet offers another way to watch movies and TV shows while playing. The tablet provides a visually rich web-trap and the world of ever-increasing demands for mobile phones to enjoy. Most tablets gadgets designed to inform, entertain and offer services that can find these places and a dictionary. To share other tablets in two-way communication systems and services in real-time basis.

Another reason why the tablet is to become widely popular versatility. Tablet computers are very small and lightweight, making them easy to work in a compressed space on the touch screen function allows the board to enter data easily and without problems. All tablet computers companies have in common is that they are using technology-based touch screen. Another advantage of using a tablet computer size is that they will also be used to draw and create images using a pen or pencil. This feature provides the ability to have a communication more creative and free with the unit.

Tablet PC or touch screen laptop - Manuel innovative mobile computing

When shopping for high-tech, it's really important to make sure you know exactly what you are trying to find in terms of functionality, mobility and capacity. It is wise to seek, a device that is ideal for finding your lifestyle. Here are some brief instructions to ensure that you come with an educated purchase.

In the case of light PC is important, or if you are away on vacation, a tablet PC, and the answer might be right for you. I recommend you explore the new Acer Iconia Tab A500 and W500 (Google Android 3.0 or Windows 7), or as an alternative to the Motorola Xoom. The second is a high-end system with the most important features are a great support, a treatment center and fast video. You should be notified, however, this particular gadget is really in a period of child creation, to countless challenges mini notebook type properties can be difficult to do (like writing an article).

On the other hand, there is an entry level Tablet PC for many browsers that displays in cell phones thinks they do not overlap completely. Almost all run on Android OS, in most cases, the release of 2.2 or 2.3 - Most of it is usually somewhere between the budget of a hundred 50-30 depending on the quality and attributes . Remember that you have a variance in the monitor class of low-cost device that has a resistive screen rather than capacitive, and it is often frustrating for all to use a touch more expensive PC systems.

If an article writer, novelist, and do a lot of data entry tasks in their day to day, it can be very useful in touch book not investing a tablet PC. This may mean sacrifice, freedom, and lighting design, so it is best to check the settings for your attention. Are you ready to drop your current hardware keyboard and go virtual? If so, then perhaps you might prefer to see this product ...

This is called the Acer Iconia Touch book, with a design fourteen inches touch screen laptop that would double the forefront of innovative mobile computing. Make the virtual keyboard takes some getting used to, but if learning is really interested in a viable option for those who love technology in new products.

What you need, there is always a good solution for you in the movement of the modern computer world. I hope you enjoy your purchase and hope you enjoy the sight of these instructions!

Use Uploading as Premium User

Use Uploading as Premium User
Today I'm Posting About Accounts Premium Megaupload, There's Little Trick From this I hope Useful For You All ..
You have to do is download this software and after it installed the software, login with your megaupload free account, change the benefits and use megaupload as a premium user.

What are the benefits of megakey for you?
1) This will remove the restrictions on uploading and megavideo.
2) Provide a happy hour premium access to all mega sites.
3) This allows for ultra fast and thanks to downloads for multiplexing technology.
4) It identifies music files on your PC and make them available in your megabox.
5) It gives you a direct connection to the server cloud.
6) There are no delays and availability. In the future you get free access to movies, music and games licensed by mega.

Mega Key is your dream come true.

Activate service by installing premium mega Megakey on your PC.

This program basically offers a premium service to all members of Megaupload free and only requires a simple download:

Download Here

Gmail Tip: Stars

Stars are handy for marking important messages, but how do you mark really important messages? That’s where Gmail’s additional stars options can come in handy.

I like to use purple stars to mark important messages from my family, red exclamation points for messages that need my immediate attention, and a green check mark for messages that I’ve already taken care of but want to keep track of (ok, so we’re using the word “star” loosely here). This way your inbox can become like a to-do list. 

Gmail Tip: Stars

Now that Superstars has graduated from Gmail Labs, it easy to incorporate these different stars into your workflow. Go to the General tab in Settings, then scroll down to the “Stars” section:

Gmail Tip: Stars

Here you can select which stars you want to use, and in which order you want to them to cycle through when you click the star icon in your inbox. Simply click and drag the stars to the appropriate spot in the lists.

If you want to have all your starred messages show up at the top of your inbox so you see them right away, try out the Starred first inbox style.

You can also find messages with specific stars by using the following queries in your search box:

  • has:yellow-star
  • has:red-star
  • has:orange-star
  • has:green-star
  • has:blue-star
  • has:purple-star
  • has:red-bang
  • has:orange-guillemet
  • has:yellow-bang
  • has:green-check
  • has:blue-info
  • has:purple-question
Want more tips? Make sure to follow Gmail on Twitter to see our weekly #tuesdaytip, or follow our community manager Sarah Price on Google+.

An Accessibility Survey For Blind Users

An Accessibility Survey For Blind Users
These days, we rely on the Internet to keep us informed and in touch, yet our experience of the web is filtered through the tools we use to access it. The devices and technologies we choose, and our decisions about when we upgrade those tools, can affect how we interact with the web and with whom we are able to communicate.

In July, I attended the annual conference held by the American Council of the Blind (ACB). I was struck by something I heard from people there: their experience using the web was very different from mine not because they were blind, but because the technology and web tools available to them were unlike the ones available to me, as a sighted person.

While the Internet provides many benefits to modern society, it has also created a unique set of challenges for blind and low-vision users who rely on assistive technologies to use the web. We’re committed to making Google’s products more accessible, and we believe the best way to understand the accessibility needs of our users is to listen to them.

My Boldest Summer yet: A Recap From The Frontlines Of a Google Internship

Lie down and remember that dream you had about something that seemed impossible—now imagine waking up and looking around to realize you were never sleeping. From strawberry funnel cakes to five-story cruise ships and hangouts with Larry Page, my summer of Building Opportunities in Leadership and Development (BOLD)—a Google summer internship program—never looked, tasted or sailed so well. Every day this summer I’ve jumped out of bed and into my real-life dream, working on products that I believe will change the world and contributing to a melting pot of proactive teamwork.

BOLD, one of Google’s student and diversity initiatives, brought 100+ undergraduates from all over the U.S. to Google in 2011. The program began in 2008 as a way to expose historically underrepresented students to the technology field. 
Whether it be sharing tofu with co-founder Sergey Brin or rubbing elbows with some of the world’s brightest minds at the Google Science Fair, Google interns worldwide have collected a plethora of unforgettable moments.

Eoin with other European and U.S. interns at a Googleplex TGIF

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Go Google

(More) Historically Black Colleges and Universities Go Google
Across the United States, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) provide educational homes for hundreds of thousands of African-American students. Small and community-focused, usually with fewer than 5,000 students, privately or publicly funded, and far-reaching in curriculum and tradition, these communities share a proud history of addressing educational equality and preparing many of the nation’s minority students for whatever life opportunities they seek.

Last week, at our annual HBCU Faculty Summit in our New York City office, we had the chance to host more than 50 professors and administrators from 16 HBCUs across the country. The 2011 summit had three themes: infrastructure, curriculum and partnership. We were pleased to lead thoughtful conversations around these themes and discuss the benefits Google Apps can bring to a campus. The summit also provided a unique opportunity for representatives from different HBCUs to come together and learn from one another. Click here to view photos from the Faculty Summit.

On the first day of the summit, nine HBCUs announced their decision to switch to Google Apps for Education. These schools included: 

Rain or shine, see the weather in Google Maps

Whether you’re organizing a trip overseas or a picnic at a local park, knowing the weather forecast is a crucial part of the planning process. Today, we’re adding a weather layer onGoogle Maps that displays current temps and conditions around the globe, and will hopefully make travel and activity planning easier.

To add the weather layer, hover over the widget in the upper right corner of Google Maps and select the weather layer from the list of options. When zoomed out, you’ll see a map with current weather conditions from for various locations, with icons to denote sun, clouds, rain and so on. You can also see cloud coverage, thanks to our partners at the U.S. Naval Research Lab. And, if you look closely, you can also tell if it’s day or night around the world by sun and moon icons. 

Enabling the weather layer also gives you an instant weather report for friends and family living around the world. For example, it looks like my family in London isn’t experiencing the best summer weather right now:

Weather near London, UK

Mozilla Releases Faster, More Stable Firefox 6

Mozilla Releases Faster, More Stable Firefox 6Mozilla on Wednesday (Manila time) released what it billed as a faster and more stable version of its Firefox Web browser, version 6.One of the key changes in Firefox 6 was in the address bar, which now highlights the domain of the website a user is visiting, to thwart spoofing.

"The address bar now highlights the domain of the website you're visiting," it said in its release notes.

Mozilla also said it streamlined the look of the site identity block, and added support for the latest draft version of Web Sockets with a prefixed API.

Support has also been added for Event Source and server-sent events, and for window.match Media.

It likewise added Scratchpad, an interactive JavaScript prototyping environment; and anew Web Developer menu item and moved development-related items into it.

Mozilla said the new Firefox boasts of "reduced browser start up time" when using Panorama, adding it has fixed several stability and security issues.

Fast-tracking young web developers at CSSI

Every summer, we run a range of educational outreach programs designed to get students of all ages excited about technology. Our Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) is focused around incoming college freshmen who are considering a computer science major, particularly those groups traditionally underrepresented in the field. Last year the program was so successful that 24 of 29 students declared a major in Computer Science. So this year we decided to run CSSI twice. 

For each session, we invited nearly 30 young developers with little to no prior programming experience to the Googleplex for an intense three-week course in web application development. Unlike traditional introductory computer science programs, which are largely theoretical, CSSI enables students to gain a better understanding of software engineering through immediate participation.

The goal is to give the students the tools they need to create exciting technical solutions now, which

Scholarships for aspiring journalists from Google, the AP and ONA

Consider the following:
  • Are you an undergraduate or graduate student in the U.S. with new ideas about news? 
  • Have you already created original journalistic content with computer science elements? 
  • Do you find yourself brainstorming different ways of telling stories and covering your community news using technology?
If you responded with a resounding “yes” to any of the above questions, then the new AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship may be perfect for you.

To further encourage and enable innovation from classrooms and dorm rooms alike, we’re announcing a new scholarship program with the Associated Press that will provide $20,000 scholarships for the 2012-2013 academic year to six promising students pursuing or planning to pursue degrees at the intersection of journalism and technology.

Find more while you browse with Google Related

Almost every time I go online, I come across some new topic or item that I’d like to learn more about. Sometimes it’s as simple as the latest buzz on the new shop down the street. Other times it’s something more significant, like a counterpoint to an opinion piece I’m reading. While the answer can be just a simple search away, we wanted to find a way to get some of those answers to you even faster. Now with Google Related, a new Chrome Extension andGoogle Toolbar feature, you’ll automatically see interesting content relevant to what’s on the page you’re viewing, right where you’re viewing it.

Today Google Logo Dedicated To Pierre de Fermat

 Today Google Logo Dedicated To Pierre de Fermat On August 17, 2011

I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of this theorem, which this doodle is too small to contain.
About Pierre de Fermat Via Wikipedia

Pierre de Fermat (French pronunciation: [pjɛːʁ dəfɛʁˈma]; 17 August 1601 or 1607/8 – 12 January 1665) was a French lawyer at the Parlement of Toulouse, France, and an amateur mathematician who is given credit for early developments that led to infinitesimal calculus, including his adequality. In particular, he is recognized for his discovery of an original method of finding the greatest and the smallest ordinates of curved lines, which is analogous to that of the then unknown differential calculus, as well as his research into number theory. He made notable contributions to analytic geometry,probability, and optics. He is best known for Fermat's Last Theorem, which he described in a note at the margin of a copy of Diophantus' Arithmetica.

Read More:- Pierre de Fermat
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