Network Topology

I would like to post about computers: D, a few days ago my friend asked me what definition of Computer Network Topology, at that moment I did not answer directly but I ordered read the article on my website, ok brief network topology is the physical description of the pattern relationship between network components that includes the server workstation, hub and cabling

Computer networks have some topography that you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of its features, some topography that are available are:

  1. Topology BUS
  2. Topology Star 
  3. Topology Ring 
 1.  Topology Bus

On this bus topology, there is a single cable or wire center where all workstations and servers are connected. Bus topology advantages is the development of a network or adding new workstations can be done easily without disrupting the other workstations. But this topology also has a deficiency, which is as follows:

  • If there is interference along the backbone cable, the whole network will be damaged.
  • The high data collision (collision), because of the large taffic.

 Figure. Topology Bus

 2.   Topology Star
In a star topology, each workstation connected directly to a server or hub. Advantages of star topology is the existence of a separate cable for each workstation to the server. The bandwidth or the width of the lines of communication in the cable will be wider that will enhance overall network performance. Besides, if there is interference on a cable line, then the disorder occurs only in communication between the workstation concerned with the server, while the overall network is not susceptible to interference. Weaknesses of the topology in is need for a larger cable than other topologies.

Figure. Topology Star
3.  Topology Ring
In ring topology all workstations and servers connected to form a circle or ring pattern. Each workstation or server will receive and pass information from one computer to another, if the addresses are defined according to the information received, and if no information will be passed.
Advantage of ring topology is not Collision or collision data transmission such as in bus topology, because only one node can transmit data at a time.
Weakness of this topology is that each node in the network will always come and manage the information passed in the network, so if there is interference at a node then the entire network will be disrupted.

Figure Topology Ring

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