Check out the updated Outpost Network Security 3.2!

Agnitum Team delivers an interim update for its SMB product - Outpost Network Security (ONS) 3.2 (3425.520.1245). The latest iteration brings along improved stability and performance for endpoint customers.

To learn more about the new ONS 3.2 check our previous post on the matter, or read more at the web-site. Pass the word to your boss or system administrator, the upgrade will do a lot of good to the firm's network security. Contact us for details!

Pavel Goryakin

Mobile as a replacement Camera on PC

At this time the post was just a post that was inspired from lovers that far apart his home where he was to meet only a little difficulty because hindered by distance , at some point want to remove the two lovers are longing via Yahoo Messenger could let each other see each other . And turns on one pair of lovers will not have a camera on the PC is but one of these couples have a facility Mobile 2 card.

Well on this occasion I was informed that the facility Mobile 2 cards (like Nexian, Mixcon, Ht etc.) that can be used instead of cameras if we want the YM the ma lover or a friend we have provided mobile data cable that can connect to a PC us but most of us are many who do not know how I'll be the function and can be used as substitute for the camera.
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