iPhone Apple 4 16GB Smartphone Black

While everyone is busy trying to compete with iPhone, Apple to create amazing new features that make the iPhone more powerful, easier to use and more indispensable than ever.

The result is the iPhone the fourth biggest thing that can happen with the iPhone from the iPhone. All the advanced technology in the iPhone 4 is located between two panels of shiny aluminosilicate glass - the same type of glass used in helicopter windshields and high-speed trains. Chemically amplified to 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, glass is ultra durable and more scratch resistant than ever before. It is also recyclable.

Screen of 960 by 640 pixel backlit LCD has a density of 326 dots per inch, so the highest resolution screen phone ever. To achieve this, Apple engineers developed the pixels are so small that only 78 micrometers in - that the human eye can not distinguish individual pixels. Graphics will be very strong and very real. IPS technology also provides excellent color and clarity from almost any angle. Apple itself is made of aluminum, it means that five times stronger than conventional steel, CNC machines Strip is the interface point for all things iPhone 4

This group provides structural rigidity is impressive and allows very thin, sleek design. It also serves as the two antennas on the 4 iPhone Apple engineers designed the A4 chip becomes a very powerful processor yet very energy efficient phones. With it, iPhone 4 can easily perform complex tasks like multitasking, video editing, and the face of calls Time. Everything, but to maximize battery life. iPhone 4 includes a three-axis gyroscope. When combined with the accelerometer, it makes the iPhone 4 is able to detect motion, such as peak acceleration of the user, a full 3D attitude and turnover. Translation: the action moves more and more precise for a better gaming experience.

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