iPad-management tips for eyes

When working on reviewing applications for "minor application of knowledge, I have a ton of reading and spent much time with my computer system to run write-ups in terms of computer vision syndrome in children .. I have no problem our youngest son was not found. I must be identified with it for me.

I tried to plan like that actually remembers it easily. Every 20 minutes away from the computer to select an item from twenty Yards. Set for 20 seconds. I found it very useful and really happy when my eyes started to tear and clearing.

When looking into that I can see that some of these studies that the human eye is much different than the printed word, because the resulting electronic images that we see on the laptop to respond. Can concentrate the power of looking to develop some concerns, such as double vision, headaches, loss of focus, as well as tired and burning eyes. In addition, some calls in the neck and shoulder discomfort.

Doctors now recommend the use of special computer glasses to reduce eye strain. This is actually a new type of optical created specifically for the needs of people and may help prevent eye injuries throughout life. Yes, posture and avoid a PC that will be used for a long time the day is also recommended. I'm glad to see the surgeon had to overcome this problem, and the search for treatment. Several years ago, I was told the eye doctor double vision and focus of the concerns that I get after running on a desktop computer. He suggested that the "parasite", help. Try as hard as I have never found a partner that does not make it more frustrating.

I see my grandchildren talking with his work as well as Adult attention, and safe in any case, including my daughter. The eyes of our children is important. We must continue to take action to make their vision with all the additional things that we can to achieve the absolute sign. Changing as fast as technological innovation, it is important to take seriously the task of backup. The possibility that we were a little before, which is actually on their home computers as well as the iPod, years spent specifically who sees the display as they learn to expand and work.

I walked out of the "22" me to solve it. In fact, it is longer than the sea breeze and the sun shining on my front porch holding me, a prisoner.

In addition to the above steps for easy control over the resolution and brightness can be very helpful. Another point of disposable protective mom or dad is learning how to adjust the settings in iPods children to ensure a pleasant experience.

Information on Apple iPod 3

If you believe that the insiders, the iPod 3 plans, take the pad to a whole new level. Apple released an IOS device, usually about a year after his predecessor, but some rumors have suggested, we can launch the third generation iPod see sometime this fall.

Both iPod and iPod 2 is delivered introduced in early spring, around the end of March. The iPod 3 release date is on track for around March 2012, unless something goes wrong, and published by former Apple, you know, things are never set in stone. The advent of the iPhone 4S in October this year, after years of summer launched the iPhone, it showed it to go wrong as the fact that Apple upgraded on an annual calendar.

IOS 5.5: The iPod 3 is a modified version of IOS currently has 5 operating system.

Screen: Apple rumors here and there inability to get up to three Adult retina display quality as the reason why unit has not come yet, as the end of 2011. If it can be pulled by March 2012, is pure speculation. The new MacBooks were released earlier this year, including lightning and thunder port supports data transmission at a blazing speed helps. Even given the fact that Apple seems not interested in the USB slot right now, you can only see a Thunderbolt port as one of the new iPod 3-functions.

One of the most eagerly anticipated iPod three functions is the retina display. It is fully anticipated when the iPod was 2 at the beginning, but much to the frustration of users, it is introduced in this version. So it is very likely one of the new iPod 3 watch is the embodiment of the retina display her.

Recently, there has been some talk of making the rounds on a HD show with the iPod 3 is introduced. It is also some talk that an iPod 2HD was introduced this year and iPod 3 in the first half of 2012. One of the disappointing aspects of the iPod 2 is the camera and it is expected that the new iPod 3 is a much better camera functions and is expected to include a flash for more moments.

Other details: The iPod 2 will mark the debut of the A5 dual-core processor, which is now found its way into the iPhone 4S. The year before the debut of one A4 iPod processor. Safe-is bet is the quad-core A6 debuts iPod 3, where the new tablet a level of computational speed, which is finally beginning to see the performance on the desktop and laptop computers rivals, bringing The late Steve Jobs' Vision of tablets eclipsing binaries home computer one step closer to reality.

Carriers and colors: Apple has finally managed to have a single device the iPhone 4S, which can be used for all of AT & T, Sprint, Verizon network or provide a discussion. 3 iPod could do the same, the elimination of the current carrier-segregated 3G model, the problem is in the past. This should provide the door open for Apple iPod for three more colors than just the boring black and white.

Latest Apple event, the iPhone and iOS 5-4S rocket is held by the new Apple CEO Tim Cook and his long-time Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller. There was barely a mention of the job that the world later learned was living the last full day of his life.

Various Types of Tablet PC and its superiority

Slate Tablet PC is basically a computer in the form of slate, which for the masses as their own screen tablet touch screen with your finger well known, a digital pen or stylus. Data entered into the device via a touch screen display. This device is primarily for entertainment applications and industrial use, because many of the features they have. Various types of Tablet PCs, depending on their size, applications, and other unique attributes.

Slate Tablet PC is one of many types of tablet device, you can buy today. This kind of tablet device very similar to your board. It does not come with a keyboard as part of the device. The method includes a digital pen data input, handwriting recognition, fingerprints and a pen. They come with wireless terms and the keyboard port so as to make them. Types of equipment, especially in industries that are also limited opportunities for mobility and environment rather hard work to use. This includes health education and other sectors of manufacturing industry sectors. The unit is designed to be able to withstand some of the most extreme conditions such as humidity, heat and impact. To protect against impacts, they have a shell that is extremely durable as well as covering the display device.

Convertible Tablet PC is a different type of model table, along with hybrid and tablets booklet. Convertible Tablet PCs look very similar to your standard laptop system, because you see the screen attached to the base, which is very similar to the laptop. The display unit is positioned directly over the keyboard. These devices are usually very common and a large number of people are because they use both new and traditional methods such as keyboards and touch screen functionality. Tablet PC brochure on the other hand a book open standards such as you. This device is mainly used for surfing the Internet, Internet TV and read eBooks. You can recognize both finger and pen input. A hybrid Tablet PC is a convertible and slate Tablet in one. You have a keyboard unit, which you remove when you cannot do it.

Tablet PCs are now a lot of advantages to those who use it, how to decide:

1. they are compact and lightweight
2. they provide different functions that you can store and collect information, such as equations and graphs.
3. they are very easy to use for you, because the touch screens display.

the development of smartphone trends

Smartphone’s are no longer limited to the elite in society and they have become very popular with mobile users on average. This explains the great enthusiasm in the Smartphone market application development with hundreds of thousands of developers of Smartphone applications per month. Companies ranging from world-class multinational companies are looking at smaller applications company-owned Smartphone’s as a powerful marketing tool. This increasing popularity has led to regular changes in industry trends.

Popular trends in the development of Smartphone’s

  • High Growth Rate - For the past two years, the Smartphone application market has recorded phenomenal growth. It is estimated that the number of applications being developed and should download the three disappeared during this time. The industry is worth more than $ 7000000000 today and is expected to double over the next five years.
  • Apple Display Sole Ended - Smartphone application market once dominated by Apple, but now taken the other competitors and gain market share. Most companies are looking to develop applications for various platforms than just the iPhone that trend is a few years to develop. Android development has been warming over the last two years.
  • Lead the Way Companies them - nearly two years has returned only 10% of 1000's best companies in the world, their presence in the Smartphone applications. But that number has soared in recent years, so many of them have grown their Smartphone applications developed.
  • Gamer Kids Love It - increase processing speed and memory on the Smartphone has supported mobile gaming market. Many serious gamers now prefer to play games on their handheld devices while driving.
  • Social Media buzz - How a PC-like applications, social networking applications taken over a large market share in Smartphone’s. Millions of users to access Facebook, Twitter, MySpace with their Smartphone’s, and this number are increasing every year. Many small firms social media have their own application to turn their favorite Smartphone platform.
  • Search is not just Google - see the Smartphone world does not mean Google Apps itself so much to be searched very popular with users. Find niche applications such as in the cafe or wine that is very popular among Smartphone users. Find a Smartphone applications including a large world market share.

The best way to get developed Smartphone applications, it is to offshore development centers in countries like India, where the individual Smartphone applications can be developed to outsource. Developers here experts handle your own development projects and provide a solid platform to take your opponent. Outsourcing to India will save lots of money thanks to the cost of employing low-skilled workers in this country. In addition to development, you also get great support in the post-development centers.

Buy the latest Tablet PC, or wait for the latest release?

When you click on any item, the search for changes in the tablet computer, there's always the question of whether it is buying the latest Tablet PC is worth now, or hang out with the hope of something better in the near future. This article discusses the good and bad of each option, and some important questions to consider buying or menunnggu latest output

Do you really need a tablet PC right now, and if so, what?

This is probably the first question you should ask yourself - do you really need the latest Tablet PC right now? If you have in mind for your trip will be made within six months, then it may be best to hang in the near future - then you can make sure you buy the latest technology. However, if you currently have a use for them, and tablets on the market now in a position, your needs, there is no reason not to buy as soon as possible.

Do you know which Tablet PC you want?

If you are looking for a tablet of the company, then this should make your choice a little more clear. For example, if you have your heart set IPAD pad, then you should know that Apple tends to release an upgrade every year. When it was released about 12 months since the last generation of the iPad, then you probably do not wait too long before the latest out.

They are looking to purchase price for the store?

It can be a little gamble, but you might want to wait before buying the current generation. The Company periodically provides great discounts on the tray when they will publish the latest version. (This is to reduce equity holdings.) For example, in the month before the release of iPad 2, Apple is lowering prices on many first-generation iPad. If customers know that they do not need the new features of the iPad 2, it is economically sensible to wait for an iPad to purchase up before the new version.

Do you follow a special new feature?

If you are into your gadgets, then you may have specific functions that you have been looking for. For example, if you definitely want the Windows operating system - perhaps because you need a complete integration with your office PC. In this case, it would make sense to wait until the tablet manufacturers that use the operating system is released.

The market changes all the time! I can not keep up!

At the end of the day there is a very important reason why you do not have to wait to buy: technology is changing so fast that you just can not keep up! Whatever you buy today will be updated tomorrow, but also what you will buy next week tomorrow updated! In this case, you also can check the Tablet PC to your needs today and make your purchase now, rather than to keep Chasing Dreams "Tablet PC with the latest new technology."

The top-selling strategy for iphone applications

Once you have successfully created your application, the next important step is to market and create a buzz for new applications in the App Store.

1. Marketing iPhone Apps via blog

The reason that blogs are interesting and unique marketing applications for the iPhone because it provides you with three key points to look on the internet with search engines:
  • Fresh
  • Local
  • Academic

It also allows you to transfer messages from your own perspective on a sustainable manner that promotes the message that you want to get out there on your own schedule.

Every time you publish a new blog entry, remember to start the buzz on social networking sites so that your friends will know about it. You can try to put out publicity for them, but you must do so in a way that does not come across as too commercial or force.

2. Creating buzz for iPhone Apps Using Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites allow you to increase interest by joining or creating a larger discussion about the iPhone application, as opposed to direct attention to the app itself.

You can create a Facebook, Twitter account, LinkedIn or MySpace includes groups that inhabit the area of interest application. After that you can begin to offer the participants in your group. In your group, you can also come out with an interesting discussion forum and add blog entries to update.

With compelling content that appeals to your users, they will be forced to offer his friends, attract more people into the environment of your brand.

3. Creating a Video Demo on YouTube

Make a video demo gives you a chance to really show in your application rather than expect users "get it" by using his own.

Video is displayed on the website that you devote to your application, but you also have the potential of blogs, social networking pages and YouTube channel.

A promotional video proves a success in the following sections:

  • A video demo can be a sales pitch for your application.
  • A form of education or your user guide on how and why they should use your application.
  • An effective way for the app to spread virally.
  • Provide promotional magazines and bloggers to link to the description of the application.

4. Another form of online promotion:

  • Article Marketing
  • Press Release
  • Contact with other websites iPhone application today and inform them of the application to come.

basics of android on tabletPC

An Android tablet is basically a flat look, electronic devices. It is considered a laptop, without the baggage. You will see that it has a big screen, making it an excellent device to see things on the internet and watch movies and read books.

Note that the android is not completely over a keyboard or mouse, it is operated via the touch screen. It is not necessary to switch on a mouse when surfing. You must familiarize yourself with the icons and the screen to familiarize them, and they can also be converted into a virtual keyboard.

Tablet Size

Here you will find a variety of sizes for your shelf. When choosing an Android tablet, it is important that the size that fits your situation.

Size, you can expect to find between 5 inch and 10 inch screen.

Given the choice of sizes for your tablet

if you find the right size for your Tablet PC, it's up to you, the size, find your needs.

If your goal is to see your tablet to the movies net use, then you might want a screen size of more than 5 cm. Images can be too small if 5 inches.

A 5-inch screen is a great device to fit in your pocket. This is only slightly larger than a Smartphone.

The most common format for tablets, usually with 7 inches or 8 inches. These different dimensions visible between the brands. This is slightly larger than a Smartphone, but not too large. This makes it easier in your pocket. It is also good for you, and is not too much pressure when taking pictures.

IPad, which was established in 2010 to life, the most important for 10-inch screen. This is important, and the best for the image display, image, and read eBooks. The only thing is that they are no longer viable as a laptop, for some people.

Be a great application is best for those who are very well suited in the media side of things. The price range for this tablet is between $ 200 and higher. Prices vary depending on screen size you choose, if it is 5 to 10 cm.

Amazon launches Kindle the fire tablet

Amazon Kindle is reading is very popular among the people who love books, as books online romance, for example. Some industry experts say it has changed the perception of many books and actually led to increased interest in the literature for many people have. This has lead to several factors, including low-priced books for the Amazon Kindle and the fact that the electronic versions of books are very easy to get and do not take physical space associated with your purse or at home. Therefore, people are more inclined to use the device to read for pleasure not for commercial purposes or in school.

But there are some things missing Amazon Kindle. The first complaint from many users is that it is in the form of a tablet PC running on the same principle, it found some of the features in the cheapest, no pills being sold on eBay are missing a Chinese name, a color screen. Now Amazon's main rival, Barnes & Noble, published color Nook, Amazon takes competing products, not behind.

While Amazon is a very large collection of books in his store, web based, such as e-books erotic books, comedy, joke books, etc. is maintained, there are signs that the company is now expanding the range with more than books, but also the provision of video content. It is compatible with the launch of Kindle the fire because it was the first version of the Kindle actually can play the content. Videos and games can be played very well on it.

With a value of $ 199, Amazon Kindle the fire is presented as a cheap tablet. There is some interest from the buyer to obtain, given the fact that a competitor, such as the Apple iPad is much more expensive. In fact, the iPad will cost three times as much.

With Fire Amazon Kindle, Amazon, we see a new direction to follow and extend the range of multimedia content, which has not paid much attention to the company before, because the screen is black and white version of the Kindle before. According to a report from ZD Net Asia, the Amazon is currently negotiating a contract with the studio addresses several films, such as 20th Century Fox to deliver movies to watch live streaming on the Kindle. Also, while the previous version of the Kindle is like reading romance books are great, they are not good when it comes to magazines. Multimedia publishing with Kindle now ready for publication on November 15, Amazon and search for different magazines available to readers at online stores to make. That this movement will be successful is not known, but the outlook is quite positive after several analysts and commentators on the new technology.

Email delivery services beyond pure analysis of the e-mail

You can use an email delivery service if you are traveling or a long vacation. But have you ever thought of profit, because it's like a regular business tool?

You have the opportunity to check e-mail and share it online for you to check out one aspect of the convenience offered by the sender. But there is more time-saving features, you can use. Here are just a few that do not you think.

If you are a big company, and sometimes your e-mail sent to the office because we need is the signature of the letter can be signed by a reception at the office. Then he would sit at his desk until you pick it up in the lobby (or elsewhere). That stops at the desk on the way the company could have the chance to see what you get delivered. This is not good.

But there is also a chance for you, allowing you almost as anonymous treatment. If more than one person on your account in the transfer of mail service, you can automatically send an email to a row - by pressing the mouse button. Well, people who are not on the same account that you share, but they will have their own log-in, so they will not be able to send you something to do.

These are two other benefits that do not come from me so far. I just how profitable it is based online and can send email from my computer (not to mention do not have to use spam to go all the time) to see. But more like a total mail management. This. Stimulate and private, and in my opinion, far beyond what you get when you pass the Post Office only U. S. e-mail

So, for me at least, the benefits outweigh the fact that I sometimes go to the mailbox to pick up my desired letter. If you are on the computer almost every day anyway, just a few minutes to see what you decide and receive e-mails, do something with it. Everything can be managed from your own computer - in your virtual personal mailbox. It's not really any better than that - could it?

ASUS UX21 Ultrabook: polished aluminum is better than Apple?

For the latest trends in competition with Asus gives us something like the Asus UX21 Ultra-book, an ultra-portable notebook, aimed at Intel's last big idea (The book is very thereof) to the court. Fully polished aluminum, weighs only 0.66 mm 2.4lb/1.1kg inches/17 and has a maximum thickness, you can check the device is very thin and lightweight.

Some of us will be glad to know that you have the UX21 on the screen, because almost every book has an ultra-13.3 "screen, 11.6, 13.3 Asus makes an almost identical version called the Asus UX31 UX21 Ultra books.

After opening the UX21, you can be on the glossy 11.6 screen with 1366 × 768, a keyboard with a keyboard full of metal and glass trackpad ClickPad unfortunately turned out to be a very important feature to look at. missing, no webcam, and this could be inconvenience for some people who intend to buy it will.

When it comes to connectivity, you can be a micro HDMI ports, USB 3.0 port and power, all these can be found on the right side to receive the remaining ports on the left side, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack, another USB 3.0 port and a VGA port, need an adapter to work, it does not seem very practical, and many say that the normal VGA connection is better, but in the end, what could be a maximum of 0.66 inch thick for asking.

Asus UX21 Ultra-book may look small and innocent, but do not be fooled by appearances, the maximum configuration of the new Intel Core i7, 4GB of RAM and 128 GB SATA III SSD storage, you can also i3 or i5 processors as. Showed that the Asus UX21 sleep in just 2 seconds and a built-in battery back up to 7 hours of autonomy, but if you continue to book an ultra in the standby mode, the battery can last up to 7 days.

Asus UX21 was released in late September and if you want to buy the basic model costs € 999 in Amazon.com (base-

So with the Book Ultra-UX21 Asus, you definitely will not be ashamed, but go if it is the best book out so? Now this is a very good build quality, you really can feel that each side and connect with others and have USB 3.0 connectivity and an Intel Core i7, but let down by the trackpad does not fit, without any sense of key and high operating temperatures ( no noise problem, though).

So far, the best book ultra MacBook Air, Apple's first attempt, thin and light laptop, now expanded with a second generation of Intel Core IX. If you want to get the best Ultra Free MacBook Air, but make sure you save several hundred dollars more.

Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook Quick Look

Before the fall of avalanches ultra-book version, there are other ultra-thin laptops, portable and powerful that the first Apple Macbook Air successor could be found.

Samsung Series 9 has long from now in two versions, models 11 inches and 13 inches, and although Asus UX 21 and 31 of the successes that have to maintain its popularity for some time. In the following review Samsung Series 9, we'll catch a glimpse of the specifications of this amazing device will attempt to identify their main strengths and weaknesses.

Foreign and Design

Round 9, which is also known as Samsung NP900 are usually made of duralumin, the metal is very solid and reliable. Overall design, while a relatively simple and easy to do, this book is very chic and elegant. We also appreciate the fact that, unlike some other visible ultra-books on the market, the Series 9 is very similar to the MacBook Air

With regard to the size and weight, this series from 9 to 2.3 pounds (Model 11 inches) and 2.9 pound (13-inch models) and measurement in both cases of 0, 6 inches. That's about equivalent to the MacBook Air and all the other ultra-books available today.

Screen content and performance

Samsung 11-inch mini notebook features panoramic LED display with 1366 x 768 pixels, while the 13-inch model comes with a screen, similar to the larger with the same resolution. In both cases, you should expect a beautiful color and fresh and also interesting to note that both screens have to be boring and very capable, no matter what the lighting conditions.

What materials, this series is actually available in 9 different versions, with slight improvement in the technical specifications. Samsung's ultra-best book by a very fast 1.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processor and 6GB of RAM, Intel HD graphics card and hard drive 256 GB SSD.

The battery life and price

As for the battery, set 9, the comparison is with all the other ultra-books published in the present and capable of more than five hours as possible.

As for the price of the Samsung Ultra this book varies from model to model. 11-inch models are between 999 and 1184.99 dollars, while the 13-inch model starts at $ 1199 and up to $ 1,999, depending on the exact hardware configuration. Quite expensive, you might think, but equivalent to the features and capabilities of portable.


so who should be considered long, which is available for several months now, the Samsung Series 9 ultrabook elegant, powerful, and reliable and a lot of power under the hood? And although it is expensive and no guarantee on behalf of Apple, it could go all the way to a confrontation with the MacBook Air or thin laptops and other portable now.

differences in serial ports and parallel ports

On the occasion of this post is inspired by the question one of the friends who asked what was the serial port and parallel port, from there I try to share on my friends and my friends who need hopefully what I have to say this could be an additional reference to a friend who read this article.

Port is a tool that can be used to connect computers with other peripherals. Interface that allows a PC to send or receive information to or from external devices, such as printers or modems. Generally consists of a PC serial port, parallel and several USB ports.

A. Serial Port

Serial Port or commonly known in the Indonesian language is the serial port is a port on a personal computer that serves to transmit one bit of information at one time unit. In the serial ports, shipment information does not allow for a lot sekalius. This is because in doing the data transfer, serial port usually works in series, such as COM 1 and COM 2. To use the serial port is now reduced. Use of the serial port has been replaced with USB and Firewire ports. As for the network (networking) function has been replaced with an Ethernet port. Here are some functions which connects between the serial port peripherals (devices) another computer with a motherboard, a liaison between the mouse with the motherboard, a liaison between the modem to the motherboard, and transmits the information in the form of bits of the mainboard to other devices.

B. Parallel Port

Parallel port or commonly known in the Indonesian language is the parallel port is a port on a personal computer that serves as a communication tool computer (motherboard) with external devices that are parallel. In a parallel port, the transfer of information can be done simultaneously so the information is sent more than a serial port. Commonly known as a parallel port printer port or Centronics port. The function of the parallel port is a connector motherboard with the old type of printer, Zip drive, some Scanners, Sound Cards, Web cams, Gamepads, Joystick, EPROM programming, SCSI devices through a parallel to SCSI adapter, an experiment with a TTL of 12 drivers, and External CD-R or CD-RW. In addition, the parallel port is also used as a simple test in the design of electronic equipment.
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