How to Clean Virus / Malware Security Tools

Security Tools, also known by the name Security Tool is a rogue anti-spyware program that is spread through pop-ups, Trojans and malware websites. Security Tool Pro Police deployed as Windows or Green AV (Antivirus) 2009. Rogue anti-spyware programs are distributed through websites that simulates virus scan, then users are told to download software to clean computer.

Once installed, Security Tool will automatically be active every time you turn on your PC and log into Windows. Then he will start scanning your computer and give a false list of viral infections that occur on your computer. When you try to clean the infected files (but not), then you will be reminded to buy the software.

Beware, do not believe anything said by this evil software, and do not remove / delete files that it says has been infected, because in fact those files are files that are in good condition, and necessary.

Thus appearance of Security Tool.

To clean your computer of these software problems, then you need MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.

How do I clean the computer of the Security Tool?
  • Download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.
  • Install file mbam-setup.exe.
  • To install it, just hit next and do not edit any of the options if you do not know anything.
  • After the installation is complete, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware will start automatically and will ask you to do a software update, so just press OK.
  • Open the Scan tab, select "Perform Quick Scan" and press "Scan".
  • MalwareBytes Anti Malware will immediately do a scan on your PC to locate malware, including Security Tool.
  • You will see a notice that reads "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Result' to display all objects found "after the scan is complete. Press OK.
  • Now press the "Show Results".
  • You will see a list of malware applications, including the Security Tool evil. make sure you have selected everything on the list and press the "Remove Selected".
  • Once MalwareBytes Anti Malware finished cleaning, you can close the program and make sure your computer in safe condition.

Is there among my friends who already dikerjain by malware Security Tool? If yes, then just do the above tips, and hopefully be able to immediately address the problems faced.

Opera on Sony BRAVIA

Now starting to appear a number of electronic devices that immerse the internet facilities in it. For example, in LCD TVs and multimedia players.

It was adopted also by Sony. They launched a Sony BRAVIA television sets and Blu-Ray disc player that has the ability to cruise the internet. How, through the Opera-based browser that is embedded in both these devices.

Sony take advantage of Opera Software Development Kit (SDK) open standard that easily customizable as needed. This platform was created specifically by Opera for TV sets and Blu-Ray player. As a result, Opera allows web interface and widgets that bring full and HTML5 standards, HbbTV, and OIPF.

"This ability to address key initiatives hybrid broadcast-broadband in many markets makes us compatible with Sony," said Christen Krogh (Chief Development Officer, Opera Software).

Through the presence of the Opera browser SDK based on LCD TV sets and Blu-Ray player Sony, the user can feel the sensation of "surfing" on the big screen. They can enjoy video on-demand service, subscribe to the latest series, while still able to connect to social networking.

"It will remain committed to making [Opera] more accessible in a variety of devices,"said Krogh.

how to upgrade BIOS

BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) is simply a motherboard chip system in which duty to recognize and prepare the hardware / computer hardware when the PC is turned on, such as Notebook, Processor, Floppy Disk, Memory, DVD Rom and others. If all goes wrong then the Operating System (like Windows, Linux) just started running If the computer running smoothly or not have a problem, does not need to upgrade (update) the BIOS on our computers. Because it is very risky for those not familiar, if not careful even computers can not be operated anymore ;) . But there are some things that cause the BIOS must be upgraded, for example:
  • When the computer starts, sudden stops before entering operating system.
  • Computer long enough, and we install the new hardware is not detected properly, for example we replace the new processor. Because they often do not recognize the processor in the BIOS.
  • BIOS is damaged, both shown by the message or not. For example invalid BIOS, the BIOS are corrupted and so forth.
  • BIOS fail to detect the hardware, like hard disks, CD-ROM, VGA and other
  • Want (little) further optimize the performance of the computer (hardware)
  • A recommendation from the motherboard vendor

If the BIOS on the computer are damaged, it can not automatically run the operating system like Windows XP for example. Some things that can cause damage to the BIOS for example:
  • Turning off the computer without shutdown, or electricity suddenly dead (without UPS)
  • Virus-infected
  • Error upgrades the BIOS. For example, the computer is off when the upgrade process, the BIOS does not match the type of motherboard etc.
How to upgrade BIOS Computers?

To upgrade the BIOS, you need 2 files, first the BIOS file itself and the Flash Memory Writer utility, which is software to upgrade (flash) the BIOS, for example AFLASH.EXE, AWD816a.EXE and others. BIOS file usually with extension 001, BIN or any other, with a bunch of size less than 512 KB. Most to upgrade the BIOS must be done through DOS or MS-DOS, although it now has a lot of vendors that provide software-based Windows.

Noteworthy is the search for the BIOS file and the Flash Writer appropriate, because if it does not match, the computer probably is not going to be able to live longer. But if the type is correct, then chances are always successful, except for power failure or the computer is off when flash BIOS are running. In general, the BIOS flash lasts only a few seconds. Less than 30 seconds. To flash the BIOS, go to DOS, type the name of the Flash Writer, for example, to AWD816a.EXE

C: \ ADW816a

So usually there is a description how to use. Follow the instructions there, be sure also to backup the old BIOS, it can be done with flash file writer as well. Description shown may vary. If still in doubt, should be asked to know more. Or it could also be read in the motherboard manual.

How to determine the type of motherboard?
  • There are several ways to determine the type of motherboard you have, among others:
  • Seeing the manual that came when buying Motherboard
  • Seeing the initial display when the computer is turned on, typically displayed a series or type of motherboard
  • Looking at the motherboard directly (open the computer case), there are usually written motherboard brand and type.
Where to Download the BIOS and Flash Utility?

If we include the popular motherboard, the vendor typically provides download the BIOS and Flash Utility her, like MSI, Gigabyte and the like. Here are some links to download the BIOS and motherboard drivers which can be used as reference:
If your motherboard does not have an official website to download drivers, can be tried searching through, type in the type of motherboard is followed by words such as BIOS, download the BIOS and the like. For example "BIOS P4VP-MX" or "Download BIOS P4VP-MX".
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