Sharing Telkomsel Flash Unlimited on PCLinuxOS

Sharing Internet on a computer network is not difficult now, even on a network that has some differences in the operating system on each - each computer though. 

In this article will be discussed regarding Internet connection sharing using PCLinuxOS as Gateway and Ms. Windows or other Linux as a client. 

The reason I use Linux as the gateway is the ability to filter the attack from the outside better compared to using Windows as the Gateway.  

As I write this article I use PCLinuxOS TinyMe 2008 on Fujitsu Notebooks Pentium III that I functioned as Mobile Computing and Gateway in my Lab. Basically, use and Configuration PCLinuxOS PCLinuxOS anyone else is that I use. 
  • Make sure there is login as root  
  • Prepare a computer unit that is installed PCLinuxOS with 1 or more NICs on the computer.  
  • Connect PCLinuxOS into the network (LAN) you either use a wired or wireless devices. Here I use UTP  cable as a communication line IP (Internet Protocol) in my network.  
  • After PCLinuxOS is connected and all computers can be connected with PCLinuxOS is the next step is to make the connection the internet connection on PCLinuxOS. Here I use Dial Up Internet keoneksi GSM Telkomsel Flash (Telkomsel Flash Unlimited) using a mini USB cable and Motorola V3i as a modem. For other types of Internet connections can be adjusted and you confirm to the Provider. 
  • Since I use dial up internet connection so I use Gnome PPP as a dialer which already include the installation of PCLinuxOS TinyMe2008. After I run the motorola modem install Gnome PPP and go into the configuration by clicking on the button setup.  
  • After the configuration window open click detect button to detect the modem in automation. Make sure your modem is supported by PCLinuxOS.  
  • Once the modem is detected click on the button and input ATCommand Init String on AT1 .... because I use Telkomsel Flash Unlimited strings I use are as follows: AT + CGDCONT = 1, "IP", "internet"  
  • Then click OK to exit the windows Command.  
  • Enter the number dial on the go ..... because I use Dial up GSM then dial number I use is * 99 # or * 99 *** 1 #  
  • Then click the OK button to exit and return to the Gnome PPP dialer.  
  • Enter the same username as well as APN and Password.  
  • Fill in the dial number * 99 # or * 99 *** 1 #  
  • After all is finished try clicking the Connect button to establish connection.  
  • I think things went well. After doing internet connection sharing internet settings from PCC (PCLinuxOS Control Center)  
  • Select menu and select Network and Internet Internet share ......  
  • Configuration with Telkomsel Flash Unlimited:  
  • IP Telkomsel Flash: 192 168 100 101  
  • Primary DNS Server:  
  • Secondary DNS Server:  
  • Enter the IP Telkomsel Flash in column PCLinuxOS gateway and DNS server IP input Telkomsel Flash in column DNS Server PCLinuxOS  
  • Set in the fictitious requested by PCLinuxOS according to your LAN ....  
  • Usually PCLinuxOS will ask you to do istalasi Shorewall, do shorewall installation automatically, if the failure to install automatic install using Synaptic.  
  • After configuring PCLinuxOS finished, configure the NIC in the computer - the client computer by entering the IP Gateway and DNS from Provider PCLinuxOS.  
  • After all the configuration is running correctly every - every computer connected to the gatewai PCLinuxOS can enjoy the Internet run private along with other computers. 

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