Five Reasons Being a Slow Computer

Your computer suddenly slow when being chased deadlines work? It definitely feels very annoying. But you do not need to rush emotions let alone to slam your computer. The cause slow computer can vary.

In general, a computer / laptop performance will decrease if the memory is approaching full capacity. When you run many applications at once, the main memory load increases. Main memory in a computer (usually RAM) is one of the most important components of a computer system in addition to the processor. The entire application is executed by the processor is taken from the main memory. So when you open too many applications simultaneously while the main memory capacity is small, it will affect overall computer performance

In addition, there are some other things that make the performance of your computer becomes slow. What is it?

1.   Too many add-ons in the browser
Application web browser is one of the most vital applications to support your work. You need this application to surf in cyberspace. Sometimes, for some reason you need additional Functions which by default is not owned by the browser you are using. The additional functions you can get through extensions or add-on. Be sure not to add an add-on that you do not need because it will also add to the burden of memory that ultimately will make the computer become slow
2.   Hard drive capacity thinning
When the capacity of your hard disk is approaching full, the computer will take a little longer to find the files you are looking for. So be advised only if the loading process will be a little slower
3.   main memory
As mentioned above, the main memory is one of the most important components in a computer system. All files required a certain program will be loaded into main memory before being called by the processor. If the main memory capacity is small, you do not should not open too many applications at the same time if you do not want your computer to hang
4.   Too many programs running
Multi-tasking has become a very helpful feature for users to work with multiple programs at once. However, it does not mean you can go around plenty of open applications. You must understand exactly about computer specs that you used before you open too many application programs
5. Virus
Viruses are the most frightening mush for computer users. In addition to stealing important files, computer virus programs will also make your computer becomes slow. Make sure you install proper antivirus and do not be lazy to update the antivirus

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