Installing Yahoo Messenger in Linux Redhat 9

  • Download YAHOO Messenger
friends in this section are just extra for you all, there may be a do not know can read this and for those who already know please give advice if there is something wrong. :)

To download a file RPM (Redhat Package Manager) please open the website with direct to for redhat distros. Make sure you've logged in as root and have no problem if you'll live move login and retrieve it on a normal user login and install Yahoo Messenger for the root user. Why must be root? root is required because this form of RPM package must be installed by root, because there is a folder / directory which will be given access by the RPM is where the user is not operator have permission to access this.

To install the Yahoo messenger please follow the text below.
  • Install YAHOO Messenger
Once you've finished downloading, now let's install the download so you can used with care and delicious:). Both before you install the file make sure everything correct:
  1. Version according to your OS, rh7.ymessenger-1.4.1.i386.rpm for RH 7
  2. Yahoo Messenger has been uninstalled long with rpm-e ymessenger
  3. All Icon - the icon on the desktop has been deleted, especially the KDE session for all users
If all the above is correct then install Yahoo Messenger with the command

rpm-vih-1.4.1.i386.rpm rh7.ymessenger for RH 7
rpm-vih-1.4.1.i386.rpm rh8.ymessenger to RH 8
rpm-vih-1.4.1.i386.rpm rh9.ymessenger for RH 9
Note the-v option it is showing status of installed or in other words the status bar, and-i is to declare INSTALL, and-h is itself a mark prior to installing packages which will be installed. Why - (minus) a lot while the above is only 1 (one) instead of-vih-vi-h? does not need to enter for all options is 1 (one) then the auto computer will understand what you mean.
  • Making The KDE Desktop ICON SESSION
In the final stage of our struggle is to Create Icon, why should make ICON? oh yes why are yah? This is only if at your current KDE session type and configuration ymessenger has been completed and then not show its icon, then inevitably you must make your own, so is not it? Sooo... Here I explain a little trouble making ICON YM to KDE Session so as not misleading. :)

On your desktop right click, then select "Create New" and then select "Link To Application "and there would appear Sebuat window" Properties For Program. Desktop - Kdesktop as in Figure 2.1 below. 
Figure 2.1
On the General tab there is a textbox field which defaults to "Link To Application" fill in the name be related to your application while to click the icon beside the field Textbox and will show some kind of a standard icon LINUX, for your Yahoo Messenger Icon click "Other Icons" radiobuttons and then click "Browse" and will display a window appearance file (Figure 2.2).
 Figure 2.2
There you move to / opt / ymessenger / bin / and there will be no files for the icon Yahoo Messenger, choose a file "yahoo_kde.xpm" for KDE Session, after click "OK". Then going back to the "Properties For Program. Deksop - KDesktop" and then move to the tab "Execute" and then click "Browse" and then return to the last directory "/ opt / ymessenger / bin /" and select the file "ymessenger" and click "OK" and will return to the window beginning after that click "OK" to finish.

So with Yahoo Messenger so you're ready to use, easy right? :) You are now ready ria chatting with Yahoo Messenger.

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